make art & peace

Make ART and Peace Mural Project
Children of all ages design and create portable canvas murals based on the theme of peace. The project will culminate in a major exhibit at the Kroc Peace & Justice Center.

picART has built a curriculum around the possibilities of peace through art, with timely and significant transformative projects .Children experience the healing and inspirational powers of art.

picART’s general curriculum includes classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography for at-risk and mainstream youth. Eight hours of instruction per week for 10-week terms include at least one field trip and a public showing of student work.

” What is Peace in our universe?: World Peace, Peace in our community, Peace in our Family, Peace in the Animal and Plant Kingdoms and Peace in the Environment.”

Make ART and Peace uses art education to teach cross-cultural understanding. Collaborative art activity promotes the skills of cooperation, compromise, communication, respectful interaction and interaction and leadership. Make ART and Peace brings the arts and art knowledge, skills and techniques to kids willing to learn. Children experience the healing and inspirational powers of art.